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The Cognac & Cigar Trunk can provide high end service to club houses and private homes. It offers space for cognac, whisky bottles and an ice bucket as well as different set of glasses and a small humidor.
The medium sized Champagne Trunk provides space for 8 flutes and 4 bottles with an internal removable ice bucket. All our trunks are handmade in Italy and can be customizable upon customer request.
The Jewellery Trunk is equipped with 4 velvet lined drawers for all types and sizes of jewellery. It includes also slots for watches, rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

The most classical traditions with a contemporary approach. The Ladies & Gentleman Trunk Collection brings back the sophistication of the past opulence. As a curated selection of passions-containers these trunks borrow its design from the past and meet the needs of the modern consumer with innovation and an accurate eye on details. From Jewelry to Shoes and watches, from a Tea Set to a Cognac & Cigars or Champagne trunk, our Ladies & Gentleman collection includes a vast spectrum of interior design pieces to cater for the epitome of the extreme luxury lifestyle.

The Tea Set trunk is designed for European standard tea set of 6 cups, tea pot, drawers for cutlery and storage space
The Watch Winder is provided with two Swiss Kubik aluminium winders with USB and/or bluetooth connection to customize the program. Powered either with alkaline batteries or on power supply. The model is available also with just one or four or six slots for watches.
Detail of the Humodoir Trunk: made with cedar wood offers space up to 150 cigars with different sizes and a hygrometer to keep monitored the humidity inside the case.
Detail of the Wine Lover Trunk: it hosts the Enomatic wine dispenser (for 4 bottles) that with an exclusive nitrogen protection system avoid any process of oxidation and maintains the organoleptic characteristics of the wines for more than three weeks.
Our trunks are extremely functional items with the best of the technology on the market as well as refined and sophisticated design objects.

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