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Au Départ @ Nomad Circle 2020

Au Départ Paris @ Nomad 2020

St. Moritz, February 2020: Au Départ and art gallery Mazzoleni, London-Torino, joined the cultural moveable art and design ‘feast’ NOMAD for its winter edition held in St. Moritz set upon the majestic Swiss Alps during the peak season. The fair and location draws both art and design collectors and elite ski community during the four-day affair from February 6th through the 9th. The winter edition of NOMAD returned to the Engadin Valley at Chesa Planta, a historic mansion in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The exhibition space within the storied luxury home helped set the stage for Au Départ to present its brand vision through the retail environment in a home-like setting. Au Départ trunks and new bag line, thanks to the partnership with Mazzoleni, London-Torino, were showcased, along with striking works by Post-War Italian Masters such as Agostino Bonalumi, Alberto Burri, Enrico Castellani and Lucio Fontana. To celebrate the partnership, the brand and the art gallery hosted the official Nomad Circle party at the Trutz Chalet on Saturday 8 February with a dinner and DJ set.

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