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Au Départ Paris @ Salone Del Mobile 2019

Milan, April 2019: A jewel of a nearly forgotten rationalistic architecture, was rediscovered in the heart of the Salone del Mobile: an installation designed by Dimorestudio to celebrate Au Départ. Five vintage trunks, selected by Dimorestudio from the archives of the maison, engaged in a dialogue with modern times and lifestyles, presented as the starting point for a number of conceptual explorations strictly connected to contemporaneity and technology. The installation incorporated elements from the past and turned them into a new language, which could be interpreted in many different ways and exuded erudite and amazing cross-references. A three-level set-up: the entrance, with a wall of vintage suitcases and trunks; the first floor, which accommodated five video stations in a full black room; the upper floor, where the core of the project exhibited five ancient, original and completely different trunks, converted into abstract containers for lights, images, sounds and ideas.

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